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Just a little test, text before the image.
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The Spring is back in Basel

Sunday afternoon, so much light and warming sun rays after all this snow to wake up the lizard in us... Like the Rolling Stones we "Can't Get Enough" of it.


The Shop

Most of the fun came when setting it nicely up. Content and customers were not a problem. Picture taken last September.


Using 211 MB and generated 455 g of CO2 so far

This is what my Gmail footer is telling me today:

You are currently using 211 MB (3%) of your 6400 MB
More than 6.3 Gigabytes for my very own personal usage, this possibly multiplied by millions of other happy Gmail users worldwide enjoying the same service!

Being increasingly aware of the energy need of computing confirmed by the seemingly odd fact that server farms of Google1/Google2/Yahoo/Microsoft are often located strategically near electrical power plants, I would not be surprised to soon witness the birth of specific CO2 footprint calculated for internet services. How much CO2 does my Gmail account generates yearly? I would be interested to know, wouldn't you?

This brings me back to that old saying: Nothing is free


The Beauty of Little Things

Some objects shot together fall nicely into a kind of unexpected harmony where the sizes and colors seem to naturally match.


First Steps

In today's often overcrowded world, being the first one to step through a virgin landscape. One of the many little pleasures that winter offers us.


Water Spring

Fresh and clean water flowing freely day and night, an impossible dream for many, a mere visual ornament for others.


Muschrooms Season

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.
~John Muir


City in Pink

A nice visual way of spending a fall evening. A composition of shots made in Thun, Switzerland, last Saturday evening. The colors were not modified.

Further info: "Die Lichtinstallation „pink city“ im Bälliz ist eine Aktion des Thuner Künstlers Dominik Stauch. Koordination: Alexandra Jäggi, Stadtmarketing Thun"


Blankenberge Piers

At the entrance of the Marina there are two long arms that strecht to meet the north sea. Powerful waves shacked the entire structure and could be easily felt through our feet. Another way nature can remind us that we are not alone on ship earth.